Who holds the golden keys that unlock the mysteries of your timeless sage?
Of knowledge hard won through trial and tribulation and equally by way of pleasure and joy?
Writ within genetic code, sewn into muscle, tendon and bone,
infused in mucous, flowing through blood, spun silken in spit, Amrita and semen-
lifetimes of wisdom as incarnate Soul?
You, beloved human, hold the keys.
In your breath and in the beat of your sacred heart.
In your courage to be present with body and mind;
to let rise, to feel, to transform and become…
the dream of your Ancestors’ luminous dreaming,
the true nature of your wild, unbreakable spirit,
the miracle of medicine intrinsic to your purpose
as one who chose to be born in this time.
Remember and claim dominion.
Wield the birthright keys
and unlock the portals.
For the mysteries of your unique being
are not meant to be secreted away and lost to eternity,
but discovered and made manifest
by the power of Soul-
whole and home in your perfect Earth body-
living the brilliance of a divine destiny
bringing healing and blessing to all.