May all hearts beating on Earth awaken to the miracle of Her dreaming
and claim birthright to experience full capacity of the awesome gift of “body”-
feeling and healing, activating ancient wisdom to guide and inspire,
instating a new paradigm of pleasure and purpose.

Erosotic Attunement

Whether or not we acknowledge True Eros as an energy, the deep knowing of our body longs for its fruition. It is like a hunger that compels us to action, consciously or unconsciously. There are as many ways as there are bodies that a Soul orchestrates the path to liberation of True Eros in a lifetime- even if we choose ignorance of that orchestration. For those individuals who choose to engage the path, every journey is unique. There are hundreds of modalities, practices and medicines to support us, both ancient and contemporary. There are uncountable humans, Spirits and energies ready to teach, guide and lend assistance along the way.

In service to the lineage Kat’wando, I am one such teacher, guide and healer to those who are consciously walking the path to liberation of True Eros. My work is held in the framework of Erosotic Attunement. Erosotic Attunement is a practice of bringing awareness to your relationship with sensuality/sexuality, creativity, Spirit and love so as to embody True Eros. As you bring awareness to these relationships, your path reveals where and how you need to evolve so as to align with the truth of your authentic expression of Soul; to be your beauty. You reclaim your power as a creator of destiny and awaken the life of your dreaming in passionate, joyful expression of your Soul’s purpose. In this way you invoke a new story of thriving human community and Earth.

It is time to be your beauty,
shameless and bold!

Every Erosotic Attunement session unfolds from what is alive in the present moment and is dependent on the unique path of your evolving. We set intentions and goals for our work together and then listen. We listen to your life and to your body. The wisdom needed to discover each step toward realizing True Eros is in the happenings of your life and in the feelings of your body. While we create structure to form a container for our sessions and engage tried and true practices, we remain open to the spontaneity inherent in working with what is. We stay curious and available to what wants to be noticed, healed, learned and cultivated for the greatest good of body and Soul in every session.

Erosotic Attunement is informed by my skill as an Erotic Healing Artist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Conscious Dreamer and Medicine Person as developed through study and personal experience walking the path of liberation. Sessions may incorporate facets from each of these overlapping areas of knowledge. The information below gives you an idea of what is possible through the lens of these skill sets.

Erotic Healing Arts

For the majority of us sensual/sexual dis-ease is inherited and additionally indoctrinated by way of multiple systems from family of origin, to religious and academic institutions, to mass media. Sexual repression and erotic distortion is normalized and rewarded while sexual embodiment and erotic authenticity is admonished and often vilified and punished. Additionally, most of us have experienced varying degrees of sexual trauma that disrupt our bodies from realizing full capacity for pleasure, in and out of sex.

Erotic Healing Arts weaves together the fields of sexological bodywork, somatic sex education and esoteric temple arts to help you discover the freedom to live your truth, moment to moment, as an ever-evolving erotic being. 

As an Erotic Healing Artist, I teach and support you to:

  • Know the anatomy and physiology of your body as a vehicle of erotic power.
  • Establish trust with yourself and your erotic body.
  • Expand your understanding of arousal, sex and pleasure through self-exploration and hands on touch.
  • Heal sexual trauma.
  • Clear beliefs that limit your capacity to fully express your authentic erotic nature.
  • Clear negative thought patterns that inhibit you from enjoying your body.
  • Re-activate dormant pathways of sensation to experience more embodied pleasure.
  • Activate new pathways of sensation to experience more embodied pleasure.
  • Learn techniques to stimulate and arouse yourself and your partners.
  • Gain confidence to be vulnerable and open to gratifying sexual intimacy with yourself and your partners.
  • Practice vulnerability in a safe container.
  • Practice clear communication in a safe container.
  • Communicate desires and boundaries to have the depth of intimacy and profundity of sex you actually want.
  • Harness and use your sexual energy to vitalize the most beautiful dream for your life and all life.
  • Realize your sexuality as integral to your divinity and the expression of your Soul.

Energy Medicine

Our bodies manifest as both physical form and as energy. Most of us have not been taught to tend to the manifestation of our bodies as energy. This contributes to discomfort and illness of our physical bodies and problems in our relational field. Our bodies are wise vessels and will show us the way to optimal health and well-being if we pay attention.

With your permission and in collaboration with you and our helping Spirits, we explore your energy body, make adjustments, bring healing and gain insight to support your health and wholeness. There are times of ‘energy-crisis’ when it is especially helpful to have a practitioner provide support to the energy body so as to regain strength and functioning. However as we work together, I teach and encourage you to administer to your own energy body. Ultimately you are the one who is responsible for and able to make choices for your energy body to bring health and well-being. It is essential that you learn to do this for yourself. By way of your body- both physical and energetic- you access information to release limiting constructs that inhibit True Eros.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I teach and support you to:

  • Be grounded in your body
  • Connect to and resource yourself with Earth energy
  • Connect to and resource yourself with Universal energy
  • Feel/sense/see your energy body
  • Re-instate your original essence energy
  • Establish and tend to a healthy energy boundary
  • Discover and tend to your energy centers
  • Cut energy cords that deplete your vitality
  • Access information in your energy body and effectively use it to guide you toward wholeness and a life of True Eros.

Conscious Dreaming

We engage relationship with Spirit in order to be better human beings in relationship with all creation. In vibrant working-relationship with Spirit we can more ease-fully activate change in our lives, sustain lives of health and wellness that serve all life, and encourage the fruition of True Eros in the great dreaming- healing family, community and our bio-home of Earth. We are never alone, even in our darkest hour. We just have to ask for help and to listen.

As a Conscious Dreamer I teach and support you to:

  • Engage with helping spirits.
  • Employ alters, shrines and crystal grids to tend relationship with the unseen realms, focus your intentions and activate prayers.
  • Cultivate working relationship with the Masters of True Eros; Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
  • Engage ceremony to enrich your life.
  • Engage ritual to transform your life.
  • Identify the need and prepare for shamanic healing such as soul retrieval, shadow retrieval and ancestral healing.
  • Integrate transformative shamanic healings.

Medicine Person

Discipline, devotion and skill meet with lineage and unique genius to give rise Medicine Person; one who expresses the gifts of their lifetime in service of community (human and other-than-human). One whose life is medicine to the whole. The expression of my Medicine Person is especially nourished by mysticism, temple arts and devotion to plant teachers. 

As Medicine Person, I teach and support you to:

  • Know your medicine; honor and cultivate your gifts, however seemingly absurd or obscure.
  • Draw from the blessings of your lineages to invoke the full potency of your medicine.
  • Align with natural cycles and Earth rhythms to invoke the full potency of your medicine.
  • Learn from Earth wisdom keepers and enter into allegiances to invoke the full potency of your medicine
  • Learn from deities, star family and celestial realms to invoke the full potency of your medicine
  • Creatively channel prayer, blessing, song, mantra, dance and visual expression to amplify your medicine.