Even if we open to the grace of a sacred medicine only once in a lifetime,
we have the potential to radically transform our life by that grace
and to form an allegiance to bless us through that lifetime.

Sacred Medicine Path

Sacred Medicines are everywhere. You do not have to go to the Amazon Jungle to come into relationship with Sacred Medicine. Your backyard, your local farmers market and your downtown herbalist’s boutique are all home to sacred medicines. However some medicines work in especially profound ways to encourage our choice to lives of freedom, joy and true prosperity. Whether you are just embarking on the journey of relationship with these teachers who take the form of plant, fungi, frog and toad or deepening intimacy with such allies, it is my pleasure to serve as witness and counsel to help elevate the greatest potential for your evolution. While master healers of the more-than-human realm generously offer opportunities to learn, heal and expand our consciousnesses in miraculous ways, our choice as to how we meet them matters.

By centering gratitude, reciprocity and sovereignty
in right relationship with sacred medicines
you empower the orchestration of the highest prayers for your life.

As a devotee of sacred medicines, I teach and support you to:

  • Develop a working relationship with the Spirit of a sacred medicine as teacher, guide, ally and protector.
  • Set intention and prepare for ceremony
  • Be witnessed safely post ceremony
  • Integrate, bring focus and clarity to the ceremonial experience (at any time after a ceremony, even years later)
  • Strategize next steps so integration adds value to your life and/or lends to true transformation (at any time after a ceremony, even years later)
  • Set intention and prepare for Sacred Communion*
  • Create Ceremonial Space for Sacred Communion
  • Open and bring closure to Sacred Communion
  • Be witnessed safely during and post Sacred Communion
  • Integrate and bring clarity to the Sacred Communion experience
  • Strategize next steps so Sacred Communion and integration add value to your life and/or lend to true transformation

*Sacred Communion is informed by the practice of Dieta from the Amazon rainforest. During this practice, an individual opens their body to a plant spirit, physically and energetically through careful preparation, focused intention and sustained discipline. Please reach out for more information.