May every human being breath deeply into the remembrance of vibrant communities
that honor and celebrate life in its glorious diversity,
and choose of the power of free will to manifest a new culture of pro-creation.
May we sing songs of gratitude as we walk joyfully in sacred reciprocity with all creation
and weave our unique gifts into the fold of True Love’s tapestry.
May we engender beauty, balance and harmony as the new story of our individual and collective evolution.
May our descendants live the new story in peace and true prosperity.

True Prosperity Retreat

What is true prosperity?

Imagine, each day, opening to the myriad experiences of what it is to be a human being and thriving! At every level of your being, you are resourced. You are wealthy with what grants health of body, peace of mind, fullness, strength, openness and clarity of heart. You know why you are here. Your thoughts, words and deeds fulfill the prophecy of your Soul. You feel interconnected with a destiny that is greater than your own. You express the beauty of your authentic-self knowing that it is essential to realizing this divine destiny. In purpose, you behold the beauty of the diverse expression of life around you, and know that this beauty, all life, is also purposeful. You are in reverence for your precious life – for it sustains the beauty of the whole – and for all precious life, the wholeness that sustains you. You belong. You give love and receive love with ease and joy. You stand, both humble and proud, as a vessel for the manifestation of the most wondrous dream of Earth, now and for the generations to come.

How do we get there; to a life of True Prosperity that brings forth a world of True Prosperity?

One step at a time, and never alone. Our ancient ancestors, who embody True Prosperity no matter the course of humankind, are here to guide us. These powerful plant and animal allies conspire through multifaceted channels of divine interconnection to heal bodies, awaken minds and free spirits. Most importantly, they cut through human-illusion to reveal your power to reclaim Soul, remember purpose, feel belonging, celebrate divinity, share authenticity, be beauty and live the great dream! 

The dream needs you, Earth needs you,
humanity needs you and help is here.
Take courage, go deep. It is time!

True Prosperity Retreats provide transformational healing experiences to rejuvenate your heart and Soul and the heart and Soul of Earth. Individuals and groups are welcome. Reach out for more information.