I believe health and wellness for this planet depends on our willingness to connect deeply with the wisdom of our bodies and gain freedom from an over-culture that violently disenfranchises us from our hearts, true desires, pleasure and purpose. I am here to help, one body at a time.

Having stumbled in the abyss of broken lineage, cultural dis-ease and despair for the whole of my youth, I made passage through a Dark Night of Soul to be reinstated into a lineage of devotion to the energy of True Eros. Along the way, I experienced miraculous healing, hard won transformation and the power of grace. I cultivated the compassion, resilience, discipline, devotion, trust and faith necessary to meet these times and bring my gifts toward realizing a new story for our human family. Now it is my greatest joy to help others to do the same.

I am humble to the mystery and everyday more in awe!

For the last decade I have been guiding courageous people to discover what it means to have chosen to incarnate as a human body on this planet and to live Soul purpose. To this end I continue to learn and develop skills in the arenas of erotic wholeness and human sexuality, energy-body medicine, animistic practices, ritual, ceremony and temple arts. Co-creation with Spirit and Universal Energies is the keystone of my life and work.

Some of what has informed my path as challenge unto blessing:

  • Sexual trauma
  • Sex work
  • Loss of orgasm/frigidity
  • Non-monogamy
  • Being non-binary/female body
  • Being a woman/female body
  • Being black / mixed-race / POC
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • Depression and suicidal ideation
  • Severe anxiety / panic attacks
  • Repressed anger 
  • Debilitating grief
  • Lack of self- esteem / respect / confidence
  • Lack of direction / motivation
  • Ancestral trauma
  • Disconnect from voice

If any of these themes are challenging you, I am here to help. Reach out for a Discovery Call.


I have had the good fortune to study with exceptional human teachers in the endeavor to walk a path of mastery that makes worthy use of my gifts. What can not be easily translated here is my intensive tutelage with Spirit and land in the “School of Life”… we do not graduate until the day we die. Life is my greatest teacher.


  • Academy of Intuition Medicine: 2yr Certification Intuition Medicine®, July 2016
  • International School of Temple Arts: Level One, Jan 2016
  • The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality: 1yr Certification Sexological Bodywork, April 2016
  • Liam “Captain” Snowdon and Caffyn Jesse: Sexological Bodywork Immersion, June 2016
  • Betty Martin: Like a Pro, Wheel of Consent, November 2016
  • MogaDao Institute: Depth Sexuality and the Erotic Basis of Being Galaxy, Feb | March 2020
  • Ali Maya: 2yr Sacred Space Facilitator Training, May 2022
  • Last Mask Center for Shamanic Studies (Christina Lee Pratt and Langston Khan):
  • Awakening the Courageous Heart, Feb 2017
  • Basic Shamanic Journey, June 2018 | ongoing
  • Energy Body Mastery, May 2018 | ongoing
  • Energy Body Clearing: The Foundation, July 2018 | ongoing
  • Energy Body Clearing Advanced Strategies, March 2019 | ongoing
  • Cycle of Transformation Year 1, Birth of the Healer, June 2019
  • Cycle of Transformation Year 2, Birth of the Warrior, June 2020
  • Healing The Ancestral Lines Basic, Aug 2021
  • Teacher Training, Energy Body Mastery & Energy Body Clearing, Jan 2022 | ongoing
  • Shadow Transformation Protocol, Sep 2022 | April 2023
  • The Threshold Process, Oct 2022

I have additionally had the privilege to participate in, assist and facilitate hundreds of ceremonies with master plant teachers. I have completed multiple self-guided dietas, as well as dietas under the guidance of Maestra Ynes and Maestra Amelia in Shipibo lineage, and Chief Nixiwaka in Yawanawa lineage. I continue to work with wisdom keepers in Peru and Brazil, along with mentors of Northern California’s psychedelic movement, to deepen my knowledge and integrity as a steward of healing plants. I am ever grateful to the plants themselves for being generous teachers in The School of Life.