May you walk as beauty, balance and harmony, knowing you are divine in form.
May each step you take awaken the world of your Ancestor’s luminous dreaming.
May your life be as blessing to your descendants, Earth and the whole of creation.

Temple Visit

A Temple Visit provides a space of ‘beholding’ by the Inspiritor / Inspiritress- one who breathes life into the fold. I welcome you to be witnessed as you are, to be seen and heard, to be held in non-judgement. A Temple Visit may take the form of sharing. What is alive in your heart? What is happening in your life? What are you proud of? Where are you meeting with challenge? This is a space to laugh, cry, even to complain. It is a space to bring your triumphs or troubles. You may speak of any subject. You may sing or dance. You may show your art. You may practice opening your heart. You may talk of your dreams, aspirations, hopes and longings. You may ask for reflection. You may ask me questions. We may converse. We may sit in silence.

The Temple is a space to be acknowledged and celebrated as a human-being being, held in compassion and loving presence.

A Temple Visit is akin to a spiritual counseling session. As an inspirator, I am present so as to encourage that within you of vitality, health, wellness, true heart and Soul to flourish.