Kat’wando, in its simplest translation means ‘True Eros’. As priest/priestess, inspiritor/inspiretress and medicine person of the lineage Kat’wando, it is my honor to serve the energy of True Eros so as to serve Earth’s dreaming and True Love.

What is True Eros?

True Eros is the uninhibited expression of divine in form and is a function of True Love wanting to know itself in form. True Eros is liberated in a body when that body’s unique channels of sensuality / sexuality, creativity, Spirit and love are open and free to flow with life force.

A body of True Eros gives rise to authentic expression of Soul; beauty. Beauty gives unto the ability to hold the dynamic nature of existence in a way that is generative; balance. Balance gives unto wholeness and right relationship with all creation; harmony. Harmony is the naturally occurring outcome of unfettered True Love.

By the liberation of True Eros, we return to True Love. We return to what has always been at the center of our existence wanting to be realized.

It is time for us to liberate True Eros
and come home to True Love.

I offer my service in heart-full desire that True Eros be liberated through you so as to give rise your awesome beauty. Your beauty, your authentic expression of Soul, is needed now for the healing of our human community and Earth. You are essential to manifesting the dream of this planet for beauty, balance and harmony.